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“Are you a nonprofit?”

Yes. Fight the New Drug is a U.S. based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All Donations Are 100% Tax Deductible. Tax ID: 26-3550143, Fight the New Drug 1680 S Main St., Salt Lake City, UT 84115.

“Are you religiously affiliated?”

No. We do not affiliate with any religion nor do we preach any religious or theological reasoning. We are here to speak out on the harmful effects of pornography using only science, facts, and personal accounts.

“Are you against sexuality?”

No way. In fact, the complete opposite! We are pro healthy sex and anti pornography. We completely support people in their sexual lives and relationships. Actually, one of the reasons why we raise awareness on the harms of porn is because we know that pornography can harm the sex life of individuals. We believe intimacy between two committed people is sexy, not one person and their computer screen.

“Are you trying to take away people’s right to view porn?”

Definitely not. We do not have a political or legislative agenda. We are not trying to take away the rights of adults who choose to view pornography. You will never see us lobbying, protesting, getting petitions signed, etc. That’s not how we do things. We simply want to educate people on the harm that pornography can cause, and then allow them to make an educated choice for themselves.

“How can I get involved?”

Click here! We want your support! Donate to our programs, spread the word in your own community, or bring us to you!

“Why are you called ‘Fight the New Drug’?”

Even though pornography has existed throughout human history, science is now revealing that pornography has addictive qualities similar to drugs. This is new to human understanding. It is clear that the prevalence and frequency of its use (due to the new surges of technology in our society) by individuals in our era is unprecedented and unmatched in human history.

“Who funds your organization?”

Donors like you! Thousands of people all around the world help the fight against pornography by making generous donations to Fight the New Drug. We also have several private foundations that make this organization possible. Also, the merchandise sold on our online store goes directly back into the organization to help fund the cause.

“What should I do if someone I know has a problem with pornography?”

It’s very important to be supportive and non-judgmental of someone who is struggling with an addiction to pornography. Check out our Get The Facts page and talk with them about the real harms of pornography. We have a recovery program that is currently helping thousands of people suffering from pornography addiction.

“How can I bring you out to my school/community?”

Click here to fill out the form to request us to come visit you with our awesome presentation!

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