Swap 2 Lattes a Month For a Donation to Educate Youth on Porn’s Harms

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We always say that change begins with one, and it rings so true no matter where you are or what your story is.

Just one person, wearing one ‘Porn Kills Love’ or ‘People ≠ Products’ tee might inspire another person to re-think their porn habit, and might lead them to talk to someone else about the effects of porn, and those two people tell two other people, and so on. And soon, just because one Fighter decided to wear their tee somewhere, a family, friend group, or relationship can start to be free from the influences of pornography.

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Not only do we need each and every Fighter working to spread the facts in their communities, but as a nonprofit, we truly couldn’t do this without the amazing network of supporters that we have. Everything you see, from our site to Fighter gear, was made possible by the generosity of people willing to go above and beyond in spreading this movement by dedicating their time and resources to fueling this tidal wave of social change.

Meet Graham, Bryan, Sonia, Micah, and Joey. They are a part of our global network of conversation-changers. All from different places, these are a few stories from amazing Fighters who have decided to say “yes” to supporting this movement and making this fight for real love possible by joining our Fighter Club, where Fighters partner with us monthly to help spread the word globally on the harms of porn.
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Check them out.

Graham’s Story

“I joined the Fighter Club because Fight the New Drug is the organization that made me take my fight against porn seriously. At first, I would be ashamed to wear my ‘Porn Kills Love’ tee, because I kept slipping up, I kept failing in my fight against porn in my own life. But after a while, I realized that failure is part of the fight, and a Fighter is exactly what I am.

I joined the club to really show my commitment to the fight, and be able to push it forward in more than just my attempts for myself but to be a bigger part in helping others in their fight as well. I joined the Fighter Club because even when I slip up, I’m still a Fighter.”

Bryan’s Story

“I chose to join the Fighter Club because I’ve always been drawn to being a part of something bigger than myself. I served in the US Navy for 10 years and felt that sense of greater purpose while serving alongside others who shared the same belief. I feel the Fighter Club is helping me serve another greater purpose. It gives me the tools I need to inform others that may be ignorant of the harmful effects of porn and also helping those who struggle with porn. It lets me know that I’m not alone in the fight against porn. It helps me through my own personal struggles as well.

The Fighter Club gives me a platform to speak, share, and educate myself about the harm porn can do to not only myself but to countless others and in so many ways.”

Sonia’s Story

“I joined Fighter Club because someone I love deeply struggled with an addiction to porn that eventually got them in trouble. Looking back, I can see how they choose porn over me and that it truly did steal my opportunity for love and a true connection. It hurt me so deeply to see how detrimental it can be to a person and how it does affect everyone in their lives. I want to stand behind putting a stop to porn and educating everyone about its effects on people and relationships. Education is power!”

Micah’s Story

“I joined Fighter Club and it’s because of a couple reasons. First off when I first learned about FTND I was captured by an article that explained how porn fuels sex trafficking. After reading this sexual harassment, trafficking, and abuse really bothered me and a lot of my high school presentations were on porn and its effects. The second reason is because I love supporting the health of the mind, and porn does not help your mind’s health.

The third reason is the reach for publicity that FTND has. I absolutely love it when I’m wearing the ‘Stop The Demand’ tee and someone asks why my t-shirt has the word “sex” on it. Or when I wear the Fighter Club tee, I get many compliments and opportunities to share what FTND is about. I just love being a part of a positive movement especially in topics that are difficult to approach.”

Joey’s Story

“I joined because I want to help fight against the world of pain and addiction. I first became addicted to pornography at the horrifyingly young age of 7, and this secret addiction devastated my confidence and degraded my quality of life for the better part of a decade. By the time I managed to separate myself from those habits, much more than half of my life had been wasted by and on the porn industry.

I’ve since come to live a normal and healthy life, but I am honored to be able to help others become aware of these dangers and recover from their damages. I want to help spread these tools which could have saved me so much sooner.”

A measurable impact

If you consider yourself a supporter and you’re looking for a way to join those going above and beyond to spread the word on porn’s harms, we invite you to partner with us in raising awareness around the world through joining our Fighter Club. And starting right now, you can give the gift of love by gifting a monthly or one-time Fighter Club membership to a loved one.

By joining the Fighter Club, you become a critical part of changing the conversation. Supporting this organization on a monthly basis directly contributes to educating youth around the world through our online awareness campaign, our presentation program, and our recovery efforts. And you can do this in a way that fits your budget, all while receiving exclusive updates on what’s going on behind the scenes with upcoming projects and new Fighter gear releases. Not to mention that, as our way of saying thank you, Fighter Club members receive discounts on Fighter gear, unlimited access to an exclusive Fighter Club secret store with specialized Fighter gear, specialized sales, first dibs on new merchandise, and a personalized kit that includes the exclusive tee shirt that’s pictured in the header of this blog.

Think of it this way—giving just $10 a month, the equivalent of two drinks at Starbucks, can educate at least 10 people on the harmful effects of pornography every month. That’s over 120 people every year getting educated on the harms of pornography, who may have never otherwise had resources provided to them. How cool is that?

Now, it’s your turn

The fight all comes down to teamwork, and working together to make a tangible impact on our culture for the health of this upcoming generation and the next. We know we couldn’t do this without every one of our supporters like Graham, Bryan, Sonia, Micah, and Joey, and we love all of you who are part of our team. Are you in?

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