The Real Meaning of #NoPornovember & How You Can Get Involved

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It’s officially November! And do you know what that means? It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

🎉 #NoPornovember is finally here! 🎉

Our annual #NoPornovember campaign is already off to a fantastic start! After kicking off Day 1 of our #ChangeTheConversation campaign with the release of the all-new Fighter resources and our limited edition #NoPornovember 5th anniversary ‘Porn Kills Love’ tee and seasonal long sleeve, tens of thousands of Fighters across the world are already generating buzz on this month-long campaign to raise awareness on the harmful effects of pornography.

To get involved this month, go to our Facebook #NPNChallenge event page and click “going!” There, we’ll be hosting different challenges throughout the month and sharing content that will help you to #ChangeTheConversation all month long! We’ve got two separate challenges going: #ChangeTheConversation, of course, and our 30-day #NoPornovember Ditch Porn Challenge! Check out the event page for more information and to get involved with your fellow Fighters!
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Did you miss our official #NoPornovember kick-off video? Watch it here!

This month, we’re releasing incredible new resources that our team has spent years working on. Scroll down to see some of the exclusive merch and resources we’ve kicked off starting NOW!

The official, limited #NoPornovemeber annual colorway.

Blackout—the dopest possible color scheme. Starting today, we’re releasing this slick version of our classic PKL tee with an exclusive 5-year anniversary stamp in the back. It’s guaranteed these colors will look awesome on anyone and everyone. Click HERE to grab yours before this awesome limited tee sells out, available in unisex sizing.

The all-new, seasonal long-sleeve ‘Object!’ tee.

Porn reinforces the attitude that if you diminish someone’s humanity, you can do whatever you want to them. After all, objects can’t have feelings or respond—since they are, by definition, objects. But people aren’t products or simply a collection of body parts to be used, viewed, and discarded. The ‘Objects To Treating People Like Objects’ Tee features this statement on the front, while the sleeves say our catchy yet impactful phrase, ‘People ≠ Products.’ Put the “chill” in “chilly,” and grab yours today!

Our biggest announcement yet this month—the official release of our three-part documentary series, Brain, Heart, World.

Click HERE to check out more information! It’s dropping soon, so watch the trailers, get sneak peeks and get excited!

Watch the trailer for the whole series, right here:

Our most exhaustive online conversation guide yet, Let’s Talk About Porn.

Click HERE to check it out! Every day, we’re messaged and emailed by countless individuals from all around the world, asking how they can start conversations about porn with loved ones or strangers. No matter who you might want to talk to for what reason concerning porn, we’ve got your back. We’ve got interactive conversation guides for parents, partners, friends, kids, and strangers. Explore the site by clicking the image below!

Our aggregate research website, Truth About Porn.

Click HERE to check it out! Have a research paper on porn? Want to peruse the research abstracts of studies conducted by major institutions from all around the world? Look no further than Truth About Porn, our research catalog site, complete with video interviews of experts and categorized research studies.

The Real Meaning of #NoPornovember

This year, we’re all about “Changing the Conversation.” As cool as it is to launch all these exciting new additions to the movement, the #NoPornovember campaign has a much larger purpose. The purpose of this month is to blitz social media and our communities, spreading the facts on the harms of pornography and being a strong voice on social media. We want to help our Fighters change the conversation surrounding pornography by providing them with ammunition to spark a discussion, no matter where they are in the world.

The new content we release during #NoPornovember is meant to be shared, reposted, and talked about. For the rest of the month, we will be releasing new articles, videos, resources, and graphics so that you Fighters can help to change attitudes and perceptions in society about pornography. That is the whole purpose of #NoPornovember. We want everyone to feel they are part of this movement of social change and to give them the tools and resources to start making a difference right in their own circle of friends and followers. Got it?

This is going to be the best and biggest #NoPornovember yet, but we need your help to do it! All throughout the year, we get Fighters messaging us asking how they can get involved. Well, now is your chance! By repping your exclusive PKL and Fighter gear, hosting viewing parties of the documentary series when it drops, and sharing facts on your social media, you are single-handedly helping push this movement forward. We can’t do this without you. Change starts with one and the collection of all your voices will be what makes society see the real harms of pornography.

So, are you with us?

Remember to check out the official #NoPornovember homepage so you can keep up with this month’s events, join our Facebook #NPNChallenge event page, and keep up with our social to be the first to know about all our exciting new releases throughout the month! You won’t want to miss a single thing—#NoPornovember is just getting started.

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